This program lowers the individual's cost!!

The costs associated with membership in the ABA are $1.25 per member per pay period for the VALUE Plan which pays amongst many other benefits, $12.00 per EVERY day you are injured and $3.50 per pay period for the ADVANTAGE Plan which pays $24.00 per EVERY day you are injured up to 365 days.  Of course the payment is above and beyond any other benefits you may have and it is TAX FREE!

YOU can reduce your costs from $1.25 to .75 cents per pay member per pay period for VALUE and from $3.50 to $3.00 per member per pay period for ADVANTAGE by having your entire local or state join as a group.  The deductions are all by DCO and we do all the mailings to you and your members.

On the downloadable forms page is a fillable boiler plate that you can use at your next meeting or convention which would then authorize the affiliation to take place.

When the motion passes you only have to send a copy of your minutes along with a brief letter to APWU National Secretary Treasurer - Elizabeth Powell making the facts of your affiliation known and provide the ABA with a copy of same.

YOU will then join the over 250 locals and 22 states who have become 100% ABA Members through the 100% discount program.

Since 1891 (incorporated 1898) the 100% union, ABA has been providing much needed benefits to it's members.

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