The Membership Speaks...

 William M of NJ:  A lady in your office was very helpful - please thank her.

David D of WV:  "The system works well - thanks to all"!

Sheena B of IL:  "Thank you for all your help!"Carol T of IA:  "You are always courteous and helpful and handle claims immediately"!

Patricia W of MI:  "It pays to belong to the APWU!  The monthly checks were a God send...."!

Mary S of KS:  "Yes, YES"!

Annie T of GA:  "I was very pleased with my claim.  I appreciate the union for handling it in a timely manner.  They are always there when you need them"!

Janis G of AL:  "APW ABA did a great job"!


Elizabeth M of MA:  "I am so grateful I had this benefit.  It helped so much while I was waiting for my workers compensation.  Thank you so much"!

Bruce M of AR:  "Thanks very much for your great service!"

Rick B of OH:  "The check came quickly even though it was around the holidays when some days the mail was not running.  it took longer for the doctor to fill out the claim form.  Maybe check with some physicians on how to simplify the form"!

Carolyn G of MA:  It is nice to know you are there when I need you!

Danny L of FL:  Thank you for handling my claim promptly.

Robert A of MO:  I especially like the service and help of all your staff.  From your receptionist to your claims personnel I have never experienced better service.  After being hospitalized and now in my recovery process for the next few months, I really appreciate the friendly warm feeling I get whenever I call.  Thank you from the heart!!

Alan R of NY:  Very pleased with the way my claims was handled  Thank You

Michael S of PA:  "Thank you for this service.  I've been with the PO for 17 years and never realized this service was available as neither did other co-workers.". 

Debra P of TX:  "I feel that is a great program that helps out when you are in need"!

Janice G of IA:  "I've only had to make 2 claims in 24 years and the turn around time is awesome"! John H of WA:  My claim was handled in a timely manner.

Thomas J of ND:  I was very pleased with your service.  I received more moeny then I thought.  Thank you very much for your service!

Joanne O of NY:  Don't change a thing.  Your telephone was answered by a real person who knew how to answer my concerns and then made it even easier that I thought!