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Hello everyone and welcome to the APW-ABA website. My name is Wayne Maurer. I am the new National Director of the APW-ABA, replacing Dave Daniel at the conclusion of our National Convention in Orlando, Florida on August 22, 2016. I want to personally thank the 250 plus Locals and 22 States who participate in our 40% discounted rate plans for organizations who enroll their entire membership in the APW-ABA. I also want to thank every APWU member, both active and retired, who are enrolled in our association at the individual rate. For all APWU members who are not enrolled in one of our plans, please browse through our website or go to our Facebook page to find out just how easy to understand and affordable our benefit plans are. Our plans are only available to APWU members, their spouse and qualifying children. Postal employees who choose not to belong to the APWU are not eligible to join the APW-ABA until they join our great union, the American Postal Workers Union. I ran for the position as National Director of this association because I love this association and believe as unionists, we should always be looking for ways to provide benefits and better working and living conditions for our members. I served in the U.S.P.S. for over 30 years and was Local President of the Langhorne, PA Local for 24 of those years. My home local has been a 100% organized APW-ABA local since 1988. Our office staff is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our association, from membership to plan options, all the way through applications for benefits and beyond. We take pride in addressing claims for benefits in a timely manner and are more than willing to assist anyone in the application for benefits process. I look forward to serving and working with the APW-ABA membership in the future and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with our multiple benefit plans outlined on our website. Feel free to call us at 603-330-0282 to discuss how we can meet your accident benefit needs.